Steph & Delta

Hi Danielle, As it is Delta’s last day at Nursery today, I wanted to say a really big thank you to every single one of your staff, you have all been part of our lives for the last four years and we will miss you all very much. Some days were really tricky for me, (especially when Delta first came to nursery) and I would feel quite wobbly around dropping Delta off in the mornings. But whoever came to reception to collect her made me feel at ease and that my daughter would be lovingly taken care of. This gave me the reassurance that I needed to go to work and do what I needed to without having to worry about Delta at all. I want you all to know how much this meant to me and that I am so very thankful. I have been so impressed with how diligent all the staff have been and how quickly new staff found their feet. One thing that has always struck me is how much of a caring community Radmoor Childcare is. It seems like all the staff know all the children and work together. I also like how management and reception staff know the parents and children and are so welcoming. With things being ever changing in life, Radmoor Nursery has been an absolute rock. Delta has learned games, songs and skills, made friends, played and been part of your family. I am so proud that we have been part of that. Thank you to each and every one of your staff, We will miss you and wish you all the very best, Lots of Love, Steph and Delta xx