Our Children’s Nursery

The Radmoor Day Nursery opened in 1996 and cares for children ages three months up to five years of age. The nursery is Ofsted registered and received and overall ‘Good’ grading in 2017.

The nursery in managed by Mrs Danielle Shipley who is supported by an excellent team of well qualified and experienced Nursery Practitioners.

Planning within each group is displayed in your child’s area so that you are well informed of the intended activities. Many are ‘Adult’ led but a good balance is maintained with ‘Child’ initiated activities as it is through each child’s interests that learning is extended and ‘Next Steps’ planned.

Throughout the day we provide a positive and enabling environment for your child. The staff plan activities and experiences based around your child’s interests and development. A variety of creative arts and crafts are carried out, adult led messy play, and the children have the free play of the ‘home corner’ and dressing up clothes. We also like to promote each child’s physical skills by focussing on purposeful physical play. By providing activities such as soft play, climbing frames, tunnels and tents we are allowing each child to develop their core strength which is essential for their overall development. These will help with skills like rolling, crawling, walking, hopping, balancing, jumping and running.

All of these skills will help in other areas of your child’s development throughout their childhood.

Nursery Values

  • We share which shows that we care
  • We take turns
  • We show good manners
  • We show good listening
  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves

These all help us to be happy and have fun.

Nursery Values
Partnership with parents…

We like to work closely with you for the benefit and development of your child. We use an app called ‘Family’ within our nursery for each individual child. We feel this helps to support our partnership with parents as each day we record information on the app about the child’s day. Nursery practitioners will record information such as nappy changes, meals, bottles and a personalised comment about your child’s day. Parents are also able to add comments and pictures onto the app for the practitioners at nursery to see.

If you have information which needs to be shared quicker than adding it onto the app, you can call the nursery or email nursery@loucoll.ac.uk for a swifter response.

We like to offer a one to one meeting between practitioners and parents, this is an opportunity to discuss your child’s learning, development and overall well-being. This is also an opportunity to raise any questions you may have.

Policies & Procedures…

Nursery policies & procedures are reviewed regularly and are available in the nursery foyer for parents to read.