Nursery Testimonials

Here you can read the nursery testimonials from parents who have met our staff, seen the facilities we have to offer your child and use the services that we offer on a regular basis.


To all the staff at Radmoor Nursery, Just a little note to say thank you for everything you’ve done for ** while she’s been at Radmoor. From catering for her milk allergy when she was a baby & toddler to keeping all of the children safe and secure during the dark days of covid, ** has grown into a happy, confident, caring funny little girl who is now very much ready for school! Its been over 10 years since we first chose Radmoor for ** and I was the best decision we could have made. Both ** & ** have had the best time at Radmoor and we would recommend you to any new parents. Thank you!


To all the staff at Radmoor Nursery, Just a little note to say thank you for everything you’ve done for ** while she’s been at Radmoor. From catering for her milk allergy when she was a baby & toddler to keeping all of the children safe and secure during the dark days of covid, ** has grown into a happy, confident, caring funny little girl who is now very much ready for school! Its been over 10 years since we first chose Radmoor for ** and I was the best decision we could have made. Both ** & ** have had the best time at Radmoor and we would recommend you to any new parents. Thank you!


Thank you for making the start of ** nursery journey so much fun. ** has loved being in the room and thanks for taking such good care of him.


To Orange Group, Thank you isn’t enough, You all have helped shaped ** into the young lady she is. Thank you for always being there for her.

Cherish Coster-Smith

My daughter has attended nursery here since she was 8 months old.
The staff are so supportive and wonderful. They’ve gone above and beyond. Absolutely amazing.
Big shouts out to Danielle, Zoe, Claire and Lisa.

Thank you all for being so wonderful.

Faye Mistry

From the moment we first phoned to enquire about a place, Radmoor Day Nursery has been welcoming and down to earth. The staff really understand the children and the reality of being a working parent. They have a personalised approach and follow each child’s own routine rather than having a set nap time. Nothing is too much trouble and they are genuinely pleased to be there. My little boy settled in quickly and enjoys coming to nursery. The staff in his room provide interesting, educational activities and are enthusiastic and encouraging. Jaxon had a few weeks away from nursery due to Easter and they were very happy to see him back and welcomed him with open arms.

Emily Keightley and Stephen Armfield

All four of our children have been cared for at Radmoor Nursery. Our youngest children are currently in Baby Room and Pre-School, and our eldest are now in school in years one and three. As working parents is our priority to give our children the best possible start in life in terms of education and care. With this in mind we couldn’t possibly have made a better decision than to send them to Radmoor. We are continually delighted and grateful and the wonderful care and developmental support that they have and continue to provide for our children. The physical environment at Radmoor is excellent with fantastic outside space, well equipped age-specific rooms, and the lovely sensory room. I have been delighted with all of our children’s physical and intellectual progress during their time at Radmoor and I have no doubt that our two eldest children are thriving at school because of the excellent preparation they received at nursery, both academically and socially.

As parents we place a very high value on the culturally inclusive approach that Radmoor have fostered, providing the opportunity for our children to experience various cultures and preparing them to thrive in a diverse community. With reference to safeguarding, we have complete confidence not only in the professionalism of the staff across the nursery but also of the excellent systems they have in place to ensure the safety of our children. They have found the right balance of safety and security whilst supporting and encouraging our children’s curiosity, physical play, and enthusiasm for the outdoors. The in-person communication that we have with staff on site is always open, positive and constructive, and the digital communication through the Famly app is timely, engaging and informative. We always feel very well appraised of how the children are doing on a daily basis, as well as in relation to their long-term development.

It is not only excellent care that Radmoor provide to our children who currently attend the nursery that is so important to us, we have also been incredibly well supported by Radmoor staff as parents and as a family. We have always been treated with warmth, compassion and unfailing good humour through some of the most challenging times that we have faced as a family as well as some of our most joyful. The management and staff at Radmoor have always worked with us as parents, through everything from weaning to potty training to preparing for school, in ways that made nursery feel like an extension of our family. They have patiently listened to any inevitable concerns we have had about the children at various stages and have always been both reassuring and active in developing effective strategies to address any issues in ways that are consistent or complementary between home and nursery.

We are (and continue to be) incredibly grateful to Radmoor staff for the wonderful, nurturing environment they provide for our children and for the empathetic and constructive support they give to us as parents.

Michaela Vallance

I would really like to say how grateful I am to all the staff and management at radmoor nursery.

My son has suspected additional needs and they have been so welcoming to him the last 18 months. Even when he’s not having the best of days they make sure he is safe and happy. They have helped me with getting the right support for him this come from his SENDco Katy fairgrieve and hopefully that support will continue with him going to his Primary school in August. I really cannot fault the facilities and the staff that are in the unit and IF I was to have another child I would enrol them straight away. I also love the fact I can bring him to the half term clubs if needed which I probably will do. He feels safe and enjoys all the activities and fun they supply even much so if I take him on holiday he is asking for ‘school’.

Thankyou very much all of the staff that support Albie daily and the management who provide the wonderful service.

Charlotte and Craig Walkler

We absolutely love Radmoor Nursery. From the moment Henley started, every member of staff, in every room learned his name and would say hello to him if they passed him in the corridor. We actually switched from another nursery to this one and have to say we have never been more happy. If you need to speak to management or your child’a teachers, the response time is extremely quick and efficient.

Our son has come on leaps and bounds since starting and we could not be more happy. We get sent lots of useful information regularly. Updated with photos and information on what Henley has done throughout the day. And I love that they get lots of outdoor time. Henley has learned to self serve food, which is incredible.

The nursery has a very positive vibe and the friendliness of all the staff makes such a huge difference. From a parents point of view, we are very impressed with everything since Henley moved here.

Lidia Gonzalez

We are really happy with the team as they do a fantastic job with the kids and their families. To highlight some of key points for us:

  • The team has arranged multiple 1-2-1 with us to follow our oldest son’s journey. In these sessions we have reviewed in detail his progress, as well as, what activities we could do at home to help his development. It has been really useful for us specially on his speech development ( area that we felt a bit more insecure because English is not out first language at home). Since he started to talk, they shared with us his development, and topics that they were learning, so we could mirror it in Spanish and or support with books in English, we value this follow up by the app, in person and 1-2-1.
  • The management team as well as the key lady have found the perfect solution for Oscar to ensure he enjoys going in to the nursery. He has a special “job” where he counts the ice packs in the office. This small and big detail has made Oscar feel more confident.
  • Readiness for school, the team is helping the kids to be ready for school with multiple activities.
  • Kids diversity- they truly foster a diverse atmosphere where the kids learn about different languages, nationalities and requirements.

Jenny Tarleton

My child is 4 years old and is in pre-school blue group and has attended Radmoor Nursery since he was 11 months old, 3 days per week. My son thoroughly enjoys his time at the nursery and has thrived in all areas of development, which I believe is due to the excellent staff who have cared for him and managed the nursery. Each staff member that Daniel has been cared for by shows a genuine interest in my child and has his best interests at heart. They show an interest in the activities he does at home and his family life. We always receive a warm welcome in the mornings from staff in the office and in the room and I get useful and informative feedback about his day, both verbally and via the Famly app. On a daily basis I receive text and photographs of the activities and learning that has taken place, which provides comfort for parents that their child is happy, which Daniel always is. This also provides information of what my child has been learning at nursery and what activities they are participating in. I also receive regular assessments from Daniel’s key person on the Learning Journey section of the app regarding Daniel’s progress. The assessments provide a general overview of his progress, special interests, relationships with staff and peers and also assessments of areas of development including communication and language, physical development, literacy, personal and social development, maths, understanding the world and expressive arts and design. I am informed of the progress being made in each of these areas and also where more support is needed, so that I can also support this at home. I also see what areas are being focused on at nursery, for example this term one of the next steps is the transition to school and I know that my child needs support with personal, social and emotional development and maths. I am also able to make parent observations and work collaboratively with the staff. This feedback is extremely useful as I can see what my child is learning and speak with him about it, for example counting, rhyming words and opposites are some of the areas I have spoken with Daniel about and encouraged him with as I know he has been doing these activities at nursery.

There are always a wide variety of activities available and children are able to select preferred activities to meet their individual needs. They are given choices and able to make decisions, for example by voting on books to read as a group. Daniel has really enjoyed the PE and dance sessions that children have taken part in recently. Daniel has an great rapport with the key staff and this is due to their caring, considerate, approachable and professional nature. He also has positive relationships with his peers and regularly talks about his friends. The behaviour of children, that I observe at drop off and collection, is excellent and the nursery adopt values that are important life-long skills, such as sharing, respect and positive relationships.

I have three children, all of whom have attended Radmoor Nursery and have been provided with the best start possible in their education. I really could not have wished for better people to be caring for my children.

Steph & Delta

Hi Danielle, As it is Delta’s last day at Nursery today, I wanted to say a really big thank you to every single one of your staff, you have all been part of our lives for the last four years and we will miss you all very much. Some days were really tricky for me, (especially when Delta first came to nursery) and I would feel quite wobbly around dropping Delta off in the mornings. But whoever came to reception to collect her made me feel at ease and that my daughter would be lovingly taken care of. This gave me the reassurance that I needed to go to work and do what I needed to without having to worry about Delta at all. I want you all to know how much this meant to me and that I am so very thankful. I have been so impressed with how diligent all the staff have been and how quickly new staff found their feet. One thing that has always struck me is how much of a caring community Radmoor Childcare is. It seems like all the staff know all the children and work together. I also like how management and reception staff know the parents and children and are so welcoming. With things being ever changing in life, Radmoor Nursery has been an absolute rock. Delta has learned games, songs and skills, made friends, played and been part of your family. I am so proud that we have been part of that. Thank you to each and every one of your staff, We will miss you and wish you all the very best, Lots of Love, Steph and Delta xx


To Clare, Danielle, Rhea, Zoe and all the ladies Thank you for my time at nursery but now its time for me to say goodbye… I have made great memories with you. I will treasure them forever. I will miss you all and hope to see you again soon. All my love, hugs and kisses. E x

Kirsty, Dean and Evan

To everyone at Radmoor Nursery, Thank you so much for looking after Evan. He had loved his time at nursery and you have all always been so friendly and supportive. We will miss you all. Love Kirsty, Dean and Evan xxx


To Katy, Sam, Katalin, Chantal and Louise. I am going to miss you all so much when I am at big school. I have learnt so much in your group and I love all of the fun things you all do with me. My Mummy really appreciates all of the care and love you have all given to me in my pre-school period. Now it is time for my next adventure… Big School! I will miss you all so much, love from Harry x

Nathan, Kat and Ava

To nursery staff, thank you! We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for Ava. She has developed so much being with you and we really appreciate all that you have done. So thank you! Nathan, Kat and Ava.

Lorraine and Andrew Crotty

Dear Radmoor Ladies, We would like to thank you for the wonderful help we have received raising our wonderful Joseph. He has the most positive attitude and we cannot take complete credit for this. He is loving, caring and intelligent, this is thanks to the input you have had in his life. From just 7 months old you have nurtured him and for this we will be eternally grateful. We have never felt guilt for working, only blessed that Joseph had such lovely ladies teaching him. Thank you for all you have done for Joseph and us as a family. With love, Lorraine & Andrew Crotty x

Fiona and Benedict

To all Radmoor Nursery staff, A big thank you for making Benedict’s time at nursery so happy and enjoyable especially through the difficult times… and his most precious years… Can’t believe this happy little boy will soon be at school! Your patience in preparing him for school is very much appreciated. Kind thanks, Fiona and Benedict

Jo, Simon, Oscar and Noah

To all the ladies, from room staff to office staff and everyone in-between. Thank you so much for making Oscar’s Radmoor experience such a positive and enriching one! He’s loved his time with you so much and we couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you! Love Jo, Simon, Noah and Oscar


Thanks to Radmoor Nursery & my lovely teachers over the past couple of years. I shall miss you all. Lots of love and cuddles, Harvir

Georgia, Tom and Nell

Dear Nursery Ladies, I wanted to say a big thank you for the fantastic experience that Tom and Nell have had since they started at Radmoor. It has been part of their lives since they were five months old – they have learnt so much and benefited from your kindness and patience. Over the years, I have been reassured by the care shown by the team and have always felt confident that Tom and Nell are happy and settled with you. Many thanks for looking after Tom and Nell. They will miss their days at Nursery! With best wishes, Georgia, Tom and Nell xx

Hayley, Peter and Amelia Shaddock

Dear Danielle and Radmoor Nursery Team,

Amelia will finish her time at Radmoor nursery on Thursday 9th July, as she is due to start School.

Amelia started nursery in toddler group back in September 2017 and we couldn’t have asked for a better nursery for Amelia to attend for the past 3 years.

From Toddler Group in the old nursery building, to the new building in Red Group, Yellow Group, Green Preschool and Blue Preschool, she has thoroughly enjoyed herself.

We cannot praise any of you enough, and I apologise I can’t remember every name of past and present staff, but to name a few;

Danielle, Veronica, Krupa & Claire:

You have always been so welcoming, informative, kind and helpful with anything we have asked and have supported any extra sessions we have added for Amelia where possible

Rosanna & Zoe:

You had Amelia in toddler group, probably at her worst! Rosanna I clearly remember when she came with me for a trial and was sick on you! You managed to calm her down every morning and made her feel safe in a new environment with encouragement.

Rimpal, Rhea & Katie:

You had Amelia in red and yellow group in the new building and taught her so much, including helping with toilet training, sharing is caring and encouraging her in learning lots of new things.

Rimpal, Sam, Katalin, Sara, Katy, Angela, Lindsey:

Amelia obviously talks about you a lot, as this has been her preschool groups so the one she remembers most about.

She has become a confident, kind, helpful and caring little girl and you have really had a huge impact on this. You have taught her what she needs to be confident in starting school and I have absolutely no worries about her next chapter. This is because of you and all you have done.

I’m sorry if I have missed any names, but I’d like to thank every single staff member at Radmoor Nursery from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for us as a family and how you have supported us all, not just Amelia.

I am very excited for Meeli to start school, but at the same time Im really sad that she is leaving nursery. Words cannot say thank you enough, and I cannot recommend you enough.

We wish you all the best in the future and am sure you will make many more children as happy as Amelia has been in her time at Radmoor Nursery.

Kindest Regards

Hayley, Peter and Amelia Shaddock

Nancy and Tim

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all so much for all of your hard work and dedication. Our wish when starting with you was for our daughter to simply be happy and cared for and this has been surpassed in bucket-loads! The kindness and professionalism shown by your staff (to all of us!) has been outstanding and my daughter has blossomed under your care.


My 10 year old son has been attending Radmoor Holiday Club for four years, he loves it – the activities are always varied and interesting to all ages, and they are so diverse; cooking / pond dipping / scooter days / numerous sports activities / various creative projects, to name just a few, the many outings, are especially good – the cinema trips being a particular favourite. All the staff are very professional being both friendly and approachable, the children clearly feel safe and happy, the club is also extremely well organised.


My five year old son attends Holiday Club and absolutely loves it. There are a range of interesting activities for the children, with excellent staff to support them. My son also requires additional support due to a physical impairment, and the staff have been wonderful in applying for funding to support him one-to-one. He really enjoys holiday club and it has definitely enriched his holidays, offering him lots of social activities and opportunities.


We have used the nursery since 2010 when our older son started in the baby room and stayed until he went to school, attending 3 days a week. Our second son is now in the toddler room and has been at the nursery since September 2015. The main reason we chose Radmoor for our childcare was the staff, their professionalism, caring, positive attitude and kindness, and this has not changed from the day we first visited the nursery to today. Each day, children and parents are greeted with smiles, children are welcomed and cuddled in a caring manner on those days they don’t want to part from parents. Each child is treated as an individual and dealt with on this basis, each day my child has carried out a number of activities but with plenty of free time, mostly outside, which has increased his social skills and confidence. At the end of the day, we are always given feedback on what he has been doing and this is also written down to refer to if needed. The nursery also looks to go above and beyond, in the summer holidays when numbers are lower, different activities are arranged including taking children swimming on a one on one basis.

The nursery is also good at handling situations where required e.g. our older son had a difficult phase following one of the transitions between nursery groups and was not settling. I was able to have a positive conversation with Veronica about this and we agreed a number of steps to take to try and encourage him to settle further e.g. removing family photos on the walls of the nursery which for him he was finding upsetting.

At all times, I find the nursery a welcoming place for me and my children and I always feel fully confident my child will be cared for in a very positive manner and will enjoy his time in their care.


I wanted to say a very big thank you for caring for my daughter Hannah over the summer. She attended the short day sessions on Tuesday and Fridays for the four middle weeks of the holiday. It was the first summer holiday where I have had to arrange childcare and I found the thought extremely stressful. Holiday Club exceeded my expectations and more importantly my little girl thoroughly enjoyed her time with you all. The stress of future holidays will be minimalized knowing that Hannah enjoys coming to play. She even wanted to spend her birthday money on Hama beads after enjoying crafting with them so much with you. Keep up the good work, and although we probably won’t book sessions at the club until February next year we will definitely be back! Thanks once again, you are a true asset to the nursery and to working parents.

Caroline & Vassilios

Caroline and I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the great work carried out at the nursery. Whilst my wife was at work at the time, the children and I thoroughly enjoyed the family picnic which was, in typical Radmoor tradition, carefully organized, skilfully run and a wonderful occasion! We both recollect last years’ picnic (we both attended!) and the fun we all had (along with the sadness we both felt as Alexander was leaving nursery for his foundation year at Outwoods) – Again, everything was lovingly organized and the staff went over and beyond their duty to accommodate both children and parents. With Elizabeth now at nursery, we know our little ones are safe and enjoy the early learning experiences and interactions with other children and staff at Radmoor. We thank you and all the staff at nursery; please carry-on as you do and please, don’t change anything!

Clare Pedge

The staff at Radmoor Nursery really care about the children and form close relationships with them, understanding their likes/dislikes. Many of the staff have been there a long time and are very experienced, this is something that appealed to me greatly. As I work full time I needed to feel happy and confident that my children were being well looked after.

Both of my children have always been happy to go to nursery, having fun with their friends and enjoying a wide variety of activities. I would have no hesitation in recommending Radmoor Nursery to any of my friends.

I have continued to use the after school club run by Radmoor and will be using the holiday clubs during school holidays – all of these are run with the same level of professionalism, care and friendliness as the Nursery.

Clare Bale

My son has really enjoyed his time at the Radmoor Nursery, making many friends and learning and growing in a safe, secure and fun environment. He has been at the nursery since he was seven months old and I feel the nursery has been integral to his physical, social and mental development.

I have always found the staff to be friendly, flexible and responsive to any concerns I have had, and I appreciate the feedback we get through his going home book. I appreciate the emphasis on education and preparing him for school, encouraging him with numeracy, literacy and writing, all of which are coming on in leaps and bounds, and spending time reading with him which he really enjoys.

We will all be sad when he moves on from nursery, but will be reassured since the nursery will be providing his after school club care as well, we know he will receive the same standard of service and continuity of care.

Magdalena Orzechowska

I am delighted that my son Jakub attends Radmoor Nursery as their staff are committed and always happy to discuss any concerns I might have. He was only six months old when I had to leave him so it was especially tough time for us both.

Now I know that my worries were completely unnecessary as my child is in good hands and is a very happy one, so this only confirms to me the quality of the nursery. He has developed so much and keeps surprising me every day with his new language and motor skills. I would definitely recommend Radmoor Nursery to anyone with no hesitation.

Chandresh and Binita Patel

My husband and I had visited several nurseries around Loughborough and found Radmoor Nursery to significantly stick out of the crowd for several reasons. When we first arrived we were made to feel very welcome, provided with plenty of information with all our questions answered.

The facilities are excellent and the staff are polite, knowledgeable and friendly. The very low staff turnover gave us a good indication that they are treated very well and from our own observations they seem to be happy and look to be developing their careers in leaps and bounds.

Radmoor Nursery gave us the confidence we needed in the staff, care and environment that our son was in capable hands.

Becky Wagstaff

From our son’s first day at Nursery we have been very happy with the care he’s received, and reassured that he’s well looked after by the whole team. The communication is great so we know exactly what he’s been up to during the day, and we can talk about what he’s learnt and support what he’s doing at home. All the staff are approachable and friendly and right from his first day have tried to tailor his routine to make the transition of me going back to work as smooth as possible. Benjamin has a dairy intolerance and the staff have been great at making sure this is adhered to as well!

Claire Quigley

We are impressed with the caring nature of the baby room staff, particularly our daughter’s key worker who has helped her to settle into nursery and enjoy her time there. We are happy with how the nursery has handled our daughter’s food allergy. The staff have never seen it as a problem and she always has been offered healthy and nutritious alternatives

Katy Williams

At seven months, our daughter was young when she started nursery and worry was only natural but it wasn’t necessary. She has always been well looked after and has never been bothered about being dropped off. Now three she still loves going to nursery. All aspects of her development have been well supported and it is always fascinating to read about her progress in her learning journey.

Angela Crawford

Radmoor Day Nursery is a very special place to us. Most of the staff have worked there a long time and they work together like a family. They go out of their way to care for, nurture and develop all the children as individuals but also encouraging them to play together as they get older.

The staff know us as a family and encourage family photos so the children feel connected even when they are apart from us. When times have been difficult for us as a family the nursery has given us all great support which has often been beyond the call of duty. I wouldn’t dream of sending my children anywhere else.

Charlotte Shergold

My son has attended the Radmoor Nursery since he was six months old, he is now a confident and lively four year old and about to start school. The staff at the nursery have been fantastic and I really feel they have made a huge contribution to his development from babyhood, through the toddler stage and into the preparation for ‘big school’.

Bwalya Kafwembe

I have found the nursery exceptionally responsive to the individual requests that I have had with regard to the care of my children. Examples include how well the nursery has accommodated my wishes for changes in sleep routines, potty training or even diets as my babies have grown.

Emma and Toby Miles

What has impressed us most during the time our son has been at the Radmoor Nursery is the team of experienced, supportive, and friendly staff who always demonstrate their care for the children and treat them as individuals, allowing them to develop as confident and well-balanced children.

Daria Medycka-Pacuc

I chose Radmoor Nursery because both my children’s first language is Polish. There is one Polish lady working in the nursery and I thought it would be a great start for them and she would help them with any language issues. Today I can say that all the staff are brilliant and very experienced. They helped my children to settle in and they respect their culture, tradition and religion.