The nursery is situated in the Fairbairn Building next to the RNIB college on Radmoor Road. The children are based in four groups according to age.

Before your child is due to start at Radmoor Childcare we will invite them in for some settling in sessions. Usually we have three settling in sessions before a child will start with us. We are very flexible with the amount of sessions as some families may need more than others. It is very important to us that both the child and parents are happy before a child starts with us.

The Baby Room (0-15 months)

The Baby Room allows plenty of space for young babies to play, crawl and learn to toddle. Within this nursery facility are low pieces of furniture to encourage children to pull themselves up and give opportunities for taking their first steps. A variety of resources are available where babies can enjoy various experiences of sight, sound, smell and touch which are all important in a child’s development. A home from home environment is provided where the children’s individual needs are met.

We ask that parents provide their own nappies, wipes, nappy cream and formula milk powder (unopened in its original container). If you would like to bring in expressed breast milk, we can keep this refrigerated for you. Please also bring in some spare clothes and any comforters your child may need.

The Toddler Room (15-24 months)

The Toddler Room is full of enriching resources to stimulate and assist in your child’s early year’s development. At this age, the Toddlers are encouraged to express themselves. The children’s choices are supported by having a large variety of stimulating resources. These are easily accessible in low-level units to promote and assist in the children’s early years development and independence.

Through continuing observations, the activities are planned around the children’s likes and interests.

Orange Group (2-3 years)
As the children continue to develop, they move from the Toddler room to Orange group. This group continues to provide the feeling of being in a secure base area with their key persons. The staff in orange group plan around the children’s interests by extending the learning opportunities of the wide variety of resources available. The children are split into two groups depending on age. This provides quality of care and the opportunity for children to play and enjoy experiences in smaller groups. The children in Orange Group learn through play and are encouraged to make their own decisions. Staff support the children in both planned and child-initiated activities as the children are beginning to prepare for the Pre-School rooms. The children enjoy continuous outdoor play.
Pre-School Green and Blue (3-4 years)

Our Pre-School is divided over two rooms, Green and Blue. The Pre-School Green children are the younger group. Pre-School Green provides the children with the opportunity and experiences to further develop their confidence and independence. Children are encouraged to become engaged with role-play, using their imagination.

Pre-School Blue consists of the older children in our nursery. This group provides a secure environment enabling the children to develop the skills required in preparation for School. The practitioners in pre-school blue will promote school readiness by introducing a more structured routine including things such as register time, phonics and letter recognition.

Sensory Room
Our sensory room is a specially designed room, which combines a range of stimuli to help individuals develop and engage their senses. This room has lots of resources such as lights, colours, sounds and sensory soft play objects. This is a safe environment for the children to explore and interact without risk.

The large outdoor play area, with its safety surface provides a fantastic opportunity for your child to explore, socialise, exercise and take their learning experiences outdoors. The wooden playhouse with its upstairs cabin captures the imagination of the young children where storytelling and role play take place. The covered shelter also allows activities to be carried out in all weather.

At the side of the playground is a grassed area where the children love to help with the gardening, digging, planting and watering the plants and watching them grow. The fascination of finding bugs under stones and looking at them through a magnifying glass, playing in the mud kitchen, sand pit and water play all gives the opportunity for continued learning through experiences.

The nursery makes use of the College sports hall which offers additional space for more challenging exercise. We also visit a range of local facilities including two local parks, supermarkets, the Museum, Library and the Leisure Centre Swimming Pool. The Nursery also makes use of outside organisations to enrich the children’s’ learning. Annual visits from Raptor Rescue and Zoo Lab and are very popular allowing the children the opportunity to handle the animals and insects and learn about them. We are always looking to use external organisations to enrich the learning opportunities.

Forest Area
The nursery now has a forest area at the back of our playground. This area is an ongoing project and is continuously being developed. We have a den building area comprising of lots of sticks, ropes and tarpaulin. We also have two rope swings for the children to explore. This area enables children to play in all weathers, explore natural resources and take risks. Children are able to extend their learning through outdoor experiences.