Lidia Gonzalez

We are really happy with the team as they do a fantastic job with the kids and their families. To highlight some of key points for us:

  • The team has arranged multiple 1-2-1 with us to follow our oldest son’s journey. In these sessions we have reviewed in detail his progress, as well as, what activities we could do at home to help his development. It has been really useful for us specially on his speech development ( area that we felt a bit more insecure because English is not out first language at home). Since he started to talk, they shared with us his development, and topics that they were learning, so we could mirror it in Spanish and or support with books in English, we value this follow up by the app, in person and 1-2-1.
  • The management team as well as the key lady have found the perfect solution for Oscar to ensure he enjoys going in to the nursery. He has a special “job” where he counts the ice packs in the office. This small and big detail has made Oscar feel more confident.
  • Readiness for school, the team is helping the kids to be ready for school with multiple activities.
  • Kids diversity- they truly foster a diverse atmosphere where the kids learn about different languages, nationalities and requirements.