Hayley, Peter and Amelia Shaddock

Dear Danielle and Radmoor Nursery Team,

Amelia will finish her time at Radmoor nursery on Thursday 9th July, as she is due to start School.

Amelia started nursery in toddler group back in September 2017 and we couldn’t have asked for a better nursery for Amelia to attend for the past 3 years.

From Toddler Group in the old nursery building, to the new building in Red Group, Yellow Group, Green Preschool and Blue Preschool, she has thoroughly enjoyed herself.

We cannot praise any of you enough, and I apologise I can’t remember every name of past and present staff, but to name a few;

Danielle, Veronica, Krupa & Claire:

You have always been so welcoming, informative, kind and helpful with anything we have asked and have supported any extra sessions we have added for Amelia where possible

Rosanna & Zoe:

You had Amelia in toddler group, probably at her worst! Rosanna I clearly remember when she came with me for a trial and was sick on you! You managed to calm her down every morning and made her feel safe in a new environment with encouragement.

Rimpal, Rhea & Katie:

You had Amelia in red and yellow group in the new building and taught her so much, including helping with toilet training, sharing is caring and encouraging her in learning lots of new things.

Rimpal, Sam, Katalin, Sara, Katy, Angela, Lindsey:

Amelia obviously talks about you a lot, as this has been her preschool groups so the one she remembers most about.

She has become a confident, kind, helpful and caring little girl and you have really had a huge impact on this. You have taught her what she needs to be confident in starting school and I have absolutely no worries about her next chapter. This is because of you and all you have done.

I’m sorry if I have missed any names, but I’d like to thank every single staff member at Radmoor Nursery from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for us as a family and how you have supported us all, not just Amelia.

I am very excited for Meeli to start school, but at the same time Im really sad that she is leaving nursery. Words cannot say thank you enough, and I cannot recommend you enough.

We wish you all the best in the future and am sure you will make many more children as happy as Amelia has been in her time at Radmoor Nursery.

Kindest Regards

Hayley, Peter and Amelia Shaddock