We have used the nursery since 2010 when our older son started in the baby room and stayed until he went to school, attending 3 days a week. Our second son is now in the toddler room and has been at the nursery since September 2015. The main reason we chose Radmoor for our childcare was the staff, their professionalism, caring, positive attitude and kindness, and this has not changed from the day we first visited the nursery to today. Each day, children and parents are greeted with smiles, children are welcomed and cuddled in a caring manner on those days they don’t want to part from parents. Each child is treated as an individual and dealt with on this basis, each day my child has carried out a number of activities but with plenty of free time, mostly outside, which has increased his social skills and confidence. At the end of the day, we are always given feedback on what he has been doing and this is also written down to refer to if needed. The nursery also looks to go above and beyond, in the summer holidays when numbers are lower, different activities are arranged including taking children swimming on a one on one basis.

The nursery is also good at handling situations where required e.g. our older son had a difficult phase following one of the transitions between nursery groups and was not settling. I was able to have a positive conversation with Veronica about this and we agreed a number of steps to take to try and encourage him to settle further e.g. removing family photos on the walls of the nursery which for him he was finding upsetting.

At all times, I find the nursery a welcoming place for me and my children and I always feel fully confident my child will be cared for in a very positive manner and will enjoy his time in their care.