Emily Keightley and Stephen Armfield

All four of our children have been cared for at Radmoor Nursery. Our youngest children are currently in Baby Room and Pre-School, and our eldest are now in school in years one and three. As working parents is our priority to give our children the best possible start in life in terms of education and care. With this in mind we couldn’t possibly have made a better decision than to send them to Radmoor. We are continually delighted and grateful and the wonderful care and developmental support that they have and continue to provide for our children. The physical environment at Radmoor is excellent with fantastic outside space, well equipped age-specific rooms, and the lovely sensory room. I have been delighted with all of our children’s physical and intellectual progress during their time at Radmoor and I have no doubt that our two eldest children are thriving at school because of the excellent preparation they received at nursery, both academically and socially.

As parents we place a very high value on the culturally inclusive approach that Radmoor have fostered, providing the opportunity for our children to experience various cultures and preparing them to thrive in a diverse community. With reference to safeguarding, we have complete confidence not only in the professionalism of the staff across the nursery but also of the excellent systems they have in place to ensure the safety of our children. They have found the right balance of safety and security whilst supporting and encouraging our children’s curiosity, physical play, and enthusiasm for the outdoors. The in-person communication that we have with staff on site is always open, positive and constructive, and the digital communication through the Famly app is timely, engaging and informative. We always feel very well appraised of how the children are doing on a daily basis, as well as in relation to their long-term development.

It is not only excellent care that Radmoor provide to our children who currently attend the nursery that is so important to us, we have also been incredibly well supported by Radmoor staff as parents and as a family. We have always been treated with warmth, compassion and unfailing good humour through some of the most challenging times that we have faced as a family as well as some of our most joyful. The management and staff at Radmoor have always worked with us as parents, through everything from weaning to potty training to preparing for school, in ways that made nursery feel like an extension of our family. They have patiently listened to any inevitable concerns we have had about the children at various stages and have always been both reassuring and active in developing effective strategies to address any issues in ways that are consistent or complementary between home and nursery.

We are (and continue to be) incredibly grateful to Radmoor staff for the wonderful, nurturing environment they provide for our children and for the empathetic and constructive support they give to us as parents.